The best wedding venues in Hungary

If you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding venue, to create magical memories, you are at the bes place. In this article I’m going to show you ten of the best wedding venues in Hungary. In this list you will find mostly venues that are located in Budapest and a few which are maximum 60 minutes car ride from the capital.

I only present venues that we have already worked at. This article is written based on personal experiences and subjective taste.

Nevertheless this doesn’t take away from the fact that,  that these venues are worth to consider, if you are planning your destination wedding in Europe.

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Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: 180 

Located in the heart of the city, in the City Park, the Agricultural Museum (or Vajdahunyad vára as hungarians kow it) was built in the late 19th century. It is located near to the most famous landmarks of Budapest like Heroes Square or Szechenyi bath.
The Renaissance hall is the main event area, where you can make your fairytale wedding dreams come true. The venue’s baroque interior is suitable for classical or for modern elegant  soirées.

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Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: depending on the rented area 150

Let’s travel to the opposite side of the river Danube, and go up to Castle hill. Here you can find one of the most fascinating venue of Budapest, where you can catch the best views of the city, meanwhile you can have the Buda Castle area as your wedding backdrop. he Fisherman’s Bastion is one of the most popular venues between foreigner couples. It’s historical building structure and neutral coloured stones,are the perfect canvas for any wedding. You can rent different parts of the venue, and depending on the type of event you are holding, it can accomodate up to 100-150 guests.

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Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: ballroom 80, orangery 40, terrace 120 

If you dream about an holding your wedding in a castle that looks like it could be from a Walt Disney movie, than Botaniq Castle in Tura is your location. Being only 45 minute car drive from Budapest, it offers the possibility for a weekend long getaway and celebration with your loved ones. The interior of the castel is gives a lot of opportunity to work wih different styles, when it comes to wedding design and flowers. In the castle garden you can have a pretty impressive ceremony backdrop, complementing the castle’s beautiful building. Here you can read about the most recent special wedding arch design we did at Botaniq.

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: in the Budapest Ballroom 350 

We can safely say that the most iconic venues in Budapest either have a view to the famous Buda castle, or you are at a venue in the Castle quater looking down to the city. Either way you can never go wrong if you choose a venue, where you have the opportunity to say your I do’s on terrace that has a beautiful view. Marriott Hotel Budapest combines the advantages of a veue located in the city center, aka you have easy access. Also you can organize the accomodation for your international guests and have your wedding reception in the same place. It’s a win-win situation right? 

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mariott-esküvő-budapest-wedding-florist-hungary-wedding florist

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: 120

Located in Leányfalu a small town next to the Danube river, Sorg Villa is about a 45-minute drive from downtown Budapest.

As soon as we enter the gate, huge trees line our path, and the bumpy cobblestone road only adds to the romantic and whimsical. The trees and plants surround the courtyard so densely that the direct proximity of the mainroad is not felt at all.

It feels like as if we immediately entered into another dimension and this the magic, that only Sorg Villa can do. You can’t go wrong with Villa Sorg if tasteful wedding design is important to you. With its atmosphere reminiscent of Mediterranean villas, refined romantic decorations, vintage and elegant concepts suit this venue very well.

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: 140-160

The most famous restaurant of Hungary – as it is written in their introduction is, has a long running history in the Hungarian hospitality.

With it’s classic interior and guilded ornaments takes you back to the opulence of the old world. It is located in close proximity to the City Park, therefor you can almos forget  that you are in the middle of the city.


Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: 160

With it’s spectacular ballroom, Haris Park is one of the most impressive venues in Budapest, to be exact in Buda (the hilly side of the city).

In the beautiful garden, you can have a lavish cocktail hour and outdoor ceremony. The neo-reneissance building is the perfect canvas for a curated event. The honeymoon suit is located above the ballroom, which gives an easy access to the couple for outfit changes during the night.

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: depending on the area that you are renting 30-130

Did you know that the world’s most beautiful café is in Hungary? It’s called New York Café Budapest and it is truly a luxurious affair. When you enter the 130 years old cafe, is like you are stepping back in time. The eclectic style building in 19th century was the main spot for the artists of Hungarian literature. 

Nowadays is a bustling and ultimately elegant cafe and also a wedding venue, where you can get married.

It’s impressive an gilded interior is suitable for the couples who aren’t afraid to go with a bold venue choice. The Cafe is connected to the so called Deep Water Restaurant and the lobby of the Anantara Hotel. Eventhough you have the possibilty to rent different rooms and ballrooms in the property,  personally I definetely suggest you to choose the White Salon (in connection with the Red Salon).

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: depending on the area that you are renting 70-140

A romantic castle with a beautiful park and a beautifully restored building, replenished with modern architectural details.  The two different architecture styles work harmoniously together, creating a perfect compination of modern elegance and classic details. 

Located only 30 minutes car drive from Budapest is the ideal wedding venue, if you would like to get married in a villa like building, but with quick access to the city.

There is a possibility for outdoor ceremony, in the castle park, next to the beautiful lake. For an elegant wedding I recommend the ballroom on the groundfloor, that has also an immediate connection to the terrace, overlooking the castle park. 

Maximum number of guests for seated dinner: 60-70

Located in the heart of the city, Hard Rock Hotel Budapest’s rooftop bar aka Roxy Rooftop, is a unique gem for the urban and cosmopolitan couples. 

The rooftop bar is surrounded with a panoramic terrace, looking over to the hustling and bustling Nagymező street. 

Being in the immediate vicinity of the chic Andrassy avenue, this venue is the essence of elevated urbanism. For the getting ready the luxe presidential suit can be rented.

The rooftop’s interior is suitable for modern, minimalist and even extrem weddings, just like the one we did here. 

hard rock hotel budapest wedding


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