Carry-on friendly thank you gift ideas, for your wedding guests

A well selected thank you gift can be a good keepsake from your wedding. However, this is also one of the pain points when it comes to planning the wedding of your dreams. What to give to the guests that’s neither a cliché nor something that they cannot take with themselves, especially if they are coming from abroad. Usually, these guests come for a few days around the wedding date. Therefor most likely they will be travelling with carry-ons.

Due to the general travelling rules and limited space in these bags, you should be gifting them with something, that can be easily packed in the luggage, without getting your guests in airport security troubles.

Scented soap

A nice handmade mini soap, in your favourite scent or colour, can be a nice and useful wedding favor. Extra points if it’s local artisan soaps. Etsy is a good place to find such products

Handmade keychain with their names

Guests like anything with their names on. A personalized keychain, that can also serve as name card for seating, is a nice way to commemorate your day. 

Cute mug

You can print your initials, wedding date and/or your weddings graphic symbols on, it, just like as we did on this wedding, where guests received mugs for the mulled wine, and after they could take it home. It’s a nice extra touch of you can provide extra packing material (e.g.: bubble wrap) with it. 

Guitar picks

Music themed weddings’ main staple, it can be printed with your wedding logo and/or guests’ name on it.

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Hand fan or hat

Will you be having an outdoor wedding? Then give the guests something, with they can cool themselves on a hot summer day. Fans for female guests and wicker hat for men will be practical and for sure used even after the wedding.


Hangover kit

Unarguably one of the most useful gifts. If you include some pills for headache, Vitamin C for regeneration and a chewing gum, your guests will be forever grateful for this helpful emergency pack.

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Wedding masks or hand sanitizers

Nowadays these are one of the most useful gifts that can be gifted. If you decide to give hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes could be a better solution given the fact, that limiting rules are applied to liquids put in hand luggage. If you rather would like to give the gel sanitizer, purchase travel size bottles (30-50-100 ml are practical sizes) and you can prep your own bottles. The bottles can be personalized with stickers.

Flower seeds

Gifting flower seed are easy and cute option. You can give seeds of your favourite flower, herbs, or even the seeds of the wedding’s main flower. I always suggest to give seeds that can be planted even if the guest doesn’t have a garden. I don’t recommend to give succulents or other type of live plants, because these most likely won’t survive the journey.


I hope these ideas gave you some inspiration for your wedding. If you want more help in deciding what kind of gift would suit best your wedding, then shoot me a message.

Photo credits: Vivien Muszi Photography, Eszter Faragó Photography

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