Wedding florist in Hungary – What type of flowers do we use

In Hungary we can say that we have wide availability of flowers. First of all we have our flower market, which is one the biggest ones in central-eastern European area, and we have quite a few flowers that are grown locally. And second: we have access to all kinds of imported flowers through the Flora Holland flower stock market.

Personally I use flowers from both sources, there some types that I prefer to buy it from import, mainly because of quality and variety reasons. Nevertheless I also like to incorporate some of the nicest, locally grown blooms in my designs.

In this blogpost I want to talk about few of the most popular wedding flowers – one from every season– , that are accessible from local growers.


The most popular flowers among hungarian and foreigner brides too.  The most widely available colors are white and dark pink. Season: We can source them from the end of April until the middle of June. These are approximate dates.


Thanks to the Fót based grower called Virágos Pagony,  we can acces some of the nicest dahlias in different types and colors. Some of the colors  I have already sourced from them are: blush colored dahlias (calles cafe au lait), salmon, burgundy, yellow. The available variety depends on the growing pace of the flowers. The picture below is from the occasion, when I visited them personally. Season: late summer-middle of autumn



Can we say that roses are one of the if not the ost popular wedding flowers? Also we have a nice climate, suitable to grow them. Among the most classic varieties, we can find types that look like the famous English roses, which are the nicest wedding flowers. As you can see on the photo, we have a wide color selection too. Season: year-round


One of the nicest wedding cut flowers. It’s one of my personal favourite, because  of it’s nicely layered, wavy petals. Suits well in different wedding styles and it looks really good in different types of floral arrangements. Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not a cheap flower (which flower is anyways?!), but it can substitute lots of different flowers like: roses, peonies, hydrangeas, because when we use it in clusters it has a very full effect. 

In Hungary we can sourse almost all the color varieties that are available worldwide.

Season: year-round


We are big tulip growers, we have lots of color varieties. 

Did you know that tulips grow after cutting them? That’s right, they can even grow 10 centimetres (approx. 4 inches), after it is placed in the flower arrangement. Also they are very durable without water too.  Season: Although tulips naturally can be locally sourced from winter until late April, if you are planning a winter wedding, you can benefit of these beauties. 


Despite of the fact that these can be only sourced (locally) in late winter-early spring, if you have an early spring wedding in Budapest, these can add a nice texture and exquisitely good smell to your wedding arrangements. 

In the season I have provided the Hungarian availability. Some of the flowers can be imported outside of these timerange, but always consider that in these case –not always– but they can have higher prices. Also it is not always true that locally grown flowers are cheaper. Always consult your planner and/or decorator before assuming about the prices.

Photo credits: own photos


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