4 Hungarian destination wedding planners

If you are planning a destination wedding is good to have somebody who can help you with the nitty-gritty details, and with your legal questions.

In the list below I gathered a few Hungarian wedding planners with whom I have the experience to work together, and who are seasoned in destinatin wedding planning too.

When it comes too exclusively planned details or extravagant entertainment for guests Dóri Helmeczi and her team are well seasoned pros. They have organised events  at the most prominent wedding venues in Budapest. My personal impression is that she has great attention to details, and always has some uniqe ideas.  Visit their website here.


Andi Rácz offers planning service in two languages (apart from Hungarian), in Englush and Russian. Pretty good combo huh?  She is always keen on giving the maxumum and the kindest service to her customers. Visit her website here.

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Catherine is not Hungarian, but she planned her wedding here, so if somebody can speak from real experience when it comes to planning a wedding in a foreigner country, it’s her. My working experience with her is smooth and fast, which is really admirable in the always busy wedding industry life. Visit her website here.


Nóra Tóbel and her team are seasoned planners in the field of destination weddings. Among their references you can find really magical, fairytail-like weddings -hence their name. 

Visit their website here.


I’m sure that if you are looking for the perfect planner, you will find the one in the list above. And if you are looking for a wedding florist in Hungary, who can also provide the decoration items as well, just shoot me a message.

Photo credits: planners’ website, and The wedding fox


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